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Below are a list of sites that I am personally addicted to! 

Most are local businesses ~ Some are health and/or beauty related and others are shopping related ~ while others are pure FUN related ;-P             


Essential Oils:  www.mydoterra.com/susandelacy     (#909913)

FAST RELIEF pain releaving cream:  www.plexusslim.com/susandelacy  (#284215)

Fantastically FUN new & customizable jewlery:  https://susan.styledotshome.com

My FAVORITE Schoolwww.fairoaksmassageinstitute.com and www.facebook.com/fairoaksmassageinstitute

Doc Polley ~ Chiropractor (in my opinion miracle worker)  www.fairoakschiropractic.com and www.facebook.com/fairoakschiropractic

Helping my Gram & I cope with her disease ~ Alzheimer's Aid Societywww.alzAid.org and www.facebook.com/alzheimersaidsocietync

Awesome Estitician: Stephanie Creasey  http://stephaniesskinstudio.massageplanet.com

Magical Hair & Make-up artist: Blanca Alvarez  916-205-3780 blanca@stylebeautifulhair.com  www.facebook.com/stylebeautifulhair

Patches, Nanook, Bear & I LUV the staff at the Blue Cross Pet Hospital (Veterinary Services) in Carmichael:  www.bluecrosspethospital.net


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